Top 3 Beaches to Visit in Crete

The most breathtaking beaches in the nation may be found on the Greek island of Crete. There is a beach here for everyone, from spectacular cliff beaches to huge sands and beautiful coves, thanks to its more than 100 kilometres of shoreline.

Here are the top 3 beaches in Crete to add to your shortlist if you’re fortunate enough to be planning a vacation there.

Remember to only take pictures, leave footprints, and pass the time. If there isn’t a trash can, bring a bag with you.

Matala Beach

Tall rocky cliffs with caverns that were likely originally used as Roman graves and subsequently occupied by hippies in the 1960s and 1970s set off this sandy and pebbly beach. The caverns, which can be explored for three euros, surround Matala Beach and create a natural harbour around the transparent blue-green ocean (or you can swim around to reach them). The beach is well set up with rows of chairs and substantial straw umbrellas, making it ideal for relaxing after a swim in the warm ocean. A few gift stores, cafés, tavernas, and motels may be found close by in the little town of Matala. Additionally, Matala Beach has earned the Blue Flag, indicating that it satisfies standards for cleanliness and safety.

Location: 34.99404, 24.74972


One of Crete’s most well-known beaches, Balos is probably towards the top of your list of potential daytrips if you’re going there. On the northernmost point of the Greek mainland, Balos is easily accessible from the Chania region. It is also feasible to go there from Rethymnon, albeit the trip will take more time.

Many people travel by water to Balos; shuttles will take you as far as Kissamos, and a boat will take you directly to Balos beach from there. Additionally, the boat docks at Gramvousa Island. If you decide to drive, be careful of the off-road path and the incline of the trek back to the parking lot (though the view is spectacular)


You’ve probably heard of or seen pictures of Elafonisi, which is another famous beach on the island of Crete. It is renowned for its shallow lagoon-like waters and pink-tinged sands (caused by shell fragments).

Despite being very distant and situated on the south west coast of Crete, Elafonisi is accessible by excursions from most of the island’s tourist destinations. One of the most visited sights on the island, it gets very crowded in the summer. Although there is a parking lot and a few tiny businesses, it is advisable to carry your own supplies.

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