The Ultimate Guide on Malia’s Nightlife- 2022

The holiday season is about to begin and guess which place is all pumped up to have travelers from all around the world for their seasonal business- Malia it is! Malia starts by having the beauty and the vibe from the area where at the top you can find restaurants, shops, and bars and goes down to the middle area where most of the clubs are situated for the whole vibe. If you go further down, you’ll be able to find more of the shops, restaurants, and cool bars.

 If you keep going to the bottom you’ll find Malia beach, the ultimate love of the travelers who come to visit Crete, Greece. It really does have everything on the one road itself. Most of the hotels in Malia are a short walking distance from the main strip, even the ones situated in the old town are only a 10-minute walk away max and that’s it. This small area has much to offer you in terms of nightlife and party

Restaurants in Malia

There are a variety of restaurants which you can find in Malia, beautiful and cool as well.  There are a lot of choices so you’ll definitely find something or the other in the best ways – even for the fussiest of eaters. Take a look at some of our favorite places below.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant

Located at the end of the beach road, this restaurant has a pure vibe, having all the waves by the sea, a beautiful ambiance, and tasty food starting from serving Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fish, pasta with seafood, and a lot more. Enjoy the Greek dining experience, people from all over the country love to visit here as it has the whole romantic vibe which attracts couples the most. At night it’s even more beautiful due to the whole lightning setup and the sound of the waves with white interiors is an add-on. The prices here are affordable, with delicious servings and with the perfect presentations of mocktails as well as food.

George & Dragon

George and Dragon is located right at the top of the Malia strip and is also known for being the home to your welcome meetings and a lot of other pre-party meeting points. As such you’ll get a discount here all week as they are quite generous with that. Their menu also has everything you could possibly want and is very reasonably priced if you want to have a pocket-friendly visit somewhere. Even any big games you’re wanting to watch whilst you’re away, they will definitely show it here and then you are all set for Malia, Crete. 

Clubs in Malia

Apollo Club

Known as Malia’s #1 Urban CLub it brings the best of everything from hip hop to Grime and R&B. It is located on the roads of Malia best to be reached by anyone. It is loved by the visitors who come to Malia for the whole nightlife and the party which it offers. It has great music and atmosphere, a must-visit if you are a party animal.

Candy Club

Candy Club hosts the best of the parties in the charts of Malia and everyone plans it on their checklist to go to this one when in Malia. They host the most exotic parties and there are so many long queues just to get an entry in this one. So make sure that you arrive early so that you get the entry at the perfect time because you should not miss this one.

We hope that you find this blog helpful to have a perfect trip to Malia, Crete. We would be bringing some more blogs so that you can stay tuned and plan everything with our help.

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