Perfect Valentine’s Day Restaurant in Malia

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The perfect Valentine’s Day just sums up with plenty of dinners for two, of course–but others take it as an opportunity for a more original and meaningful event. As the holiday approaches round the clock, let’s look at some of the exciting, creative events at bars across the country and especially in Malia, beside the sea having the most romantic getaway for two people on this Valentines’ Day 2022. 

Dial-up the most romantic restaurants when in Malia to make your couples dining smooth and beautiful. Read about our exotic restaurant and learn why Thalassa Bar and Restaurant is just perfect to celebrate your romantic dinner date or cute brunch date.

The View

The view of Thalassa Bar and Restaurant in Malia is one of the most exotic as well as romantic and it is treated as the top-rated romantic restaurant beside the sea in Malia. And the reason is simply the view and the whole vibe which this restaurant has. The whole couples who come here enjoy the time off from work and indulge in the beauty of watching beautiful sunsets as well as waves splashing out on their date nights which makes it the perfect fit for Valentines day evenings and also is the reason that it is the ‘PERFECT’ example of being the best Valentine’s Day Restaurant in Malia. 

Read from our visitors

“Amazing location

My husband and I had a drink here one lunchtime – it was a beautiful location and very chilled so we decided to go to dinner the next evening. The food was amazing and we sat and watched the sunset. I’d suggest booking during peak times – we’ll definitely go back next time we visit Malia.”

~ Surrey

Cocktails- Crafted with Love

The cocktails here in Thalassa Bar and Restaurant is made in the most unique way with out of the box ideas to serve them in the unique way to give your loved ones a touch of exceptional service and taste as well; this restaurant in Malia serves classic cocktails which you should definitely taste if you are enjoying your holiday here in Malia, Greece. Their service as well as the popular cocktails are just to die for and perfect for Valentines’ Day.

Read from our visitors

“Amazing views, tasty food, and beautiful cocktails!

My partner and I had been recommended to come here multiple times by multiple people and we were not disappointed! I called and booked the best table in the house (closest to the sea) at 8 pm in time for the stunning sunset. Such a beautiful location, the waiters are lovely and very attentive, and once the sunsets and it gets windy they have blankets at the ready to ensure everyone’s comfort. The food was really good! Highly recommend the T-bone steak. It was cooked to perfection. The souvlaki was also the best I have had this holiday.”

~ Laurenashleewhi

Exceptionally Good Food

The meal here at Thalassa is often recommended to be amazing. The whole taste, spices, and the presentation of the dishes are made by considering the smallest factors of concern and then presented to our guests as the guests here are welcomed with love and taken care with exceptionally good food and service which is the top class which makes it the perfect place for the guests to enjoy their romantic dinner.

“The food here was fresh and delicious. We ate here almost every day for lunch and the food was amazing! The calamari was so fresh and the Greek Salad was excellent. We also enjoyed the Greek Mezze, and the pizzas were grease-free and delicious. The waiters were so lovely and the chef even did a special request for my mum who has eating difficulty. Thank you”

~ Nichelle

So here are the reasons why Thalassa Bar & Restaurant is the best romantic restaurant to have a date night for Valentines’ Day. So plan your holiday according to us and visit the most exotic location when planning to visit Greece to enjoy your post-Valentine’s experience.

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