Savouring Malia’s beauty with Thalassa Bar & Restaurant

Thalassa Bar Restaurant

Malia is another well-liked holiday spot for visitors to Crete, which is well known for its picturesque resorts favoured by vacationers.

While not your typical calm and tranquil Cretan hamlet, Maila is ideal for action-packed daytime sunbathing and an even livelier nighttime. Malia is the place to go if you’re in Crete and want to have a blast at a boat party!

If you’ve never heard of Malia and are interested in its location on the northern shore of Crete, it’s just around 40 kilometers east of Heraklion. Another village along the same beach, Chersonissos, has a vibrant nightlife.

If you want to take advantage of everything that Crete has to offer, Malia is the perfect place. Due to its close proximity to Heraklion and the island’s capital, it offers visitors the possibility to relax on the beach, dance the night away, sees some local culture, or enjoy fine cuisine after a long day of shopping.

After your boat party, if you feel like seeing some sites, it’s a good idea to rent a car and drive about Malia and the surrounding region.

Activities in Malia

It’s not hyperbole to state that Malia provides everything a traveler could possibly desire for a fun-filled, relaxing, sun-soaked holiday. You may find fantastic beaches, eateries, beach bars, shopping, and clubs at this coastal town.

Some of the top activities in Malia include the following:

Sun Beach Malia

There are several leisurely activities available at this well-known location. You’re likely to find everything, whether you’re searching for a traditional English breakfast, a fantastic fast-food restaurant, coffee shops, or pubs that sell quality beer! Expect to watch the nightlife come to life in the beach bars along the coast of Malia and along the main road, Dimokratias Avenue, in the evening.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant– It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing restaurants in Malia, Crete offering a great variety of dishes and mocktails made with the best taste and expertise. Do not forget to try out for having one of the most memorable experiences in Malia, as it is known for its romantic vibe and cool amenities. 

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