Malia’s Best Eats: A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in town

Foodies, rejoice! Whether you are visiting Malia this summer with your family or friends, or you live here and want to try something new, look no further than this list of the best restaurants in town. You can’t go wrong with any of these places, which have won awards and praise from diners all over Greece. Some serve up some pretty authentic Greek dishes, while others offer international cuisine, but all of them will leave you wanting more! Just don’t forget to make reservations first!

Try street food

If you’re looking for Malia eateries with a local feel, check out one of many street food vendors. For under €10, you can get a good portion of meat and salad that comes with pita bread and wine. If there are lots of people around (and you’re feeling adventurous), sit down on the curb or at someone’s feet while eating your meal. It will seem like just another day in Greece! And it is a great way to meet other travelers, who will probably be hungry as well and happy to share their stories with you. The food cart scene on Ionia square is always full of great options for snacking throughout your stay in Malia!

Sea Side Restaurants

If you’re staying at Dimokratias, end of the beach road, and want a romantic dinner with a view, then look no further than Thalassa Bar & Restaurant. Featuring beautiful views and elegant table settings, this is an ideal place for couples who want some peace and quiet but still want to dine with easy beach access. While not cheap, you’ll enjoy both seafood and meat dishes served by friendly waiters. If you’re coming for sunset, be sure to get there early as it fills up quickly! This bar and restaurant serve some quirky amazing drinks on their menu!

Fancy spots

Don’t get us wrong, some of our favorite meals were had at fancy restaurants—but maybe that’s because our criteria for fancy was relaxed. The best fine dining establishments don’t just have great food and good service, they offer an experience. If you want a finer meal without breaking your budget, check out Reserve Cut Steakhouse (for steak lovers) or The Capital Grille (for those who want high-end comfort food). Both are incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike. For upscale seafood, we recommend Aqua Bistro on South Beach.

Malia is famous for its nightlife, beautiful people and sunsets. It’s no wonder why so many of us keep returning back here every year. But behind all that party lies a hidden gem with some hidden gems of its own. For those who have been lucky enough to visit Malia more than once, you’ll know what I mean when I say there are always different spots on each trip. Wherever you go in Malia, there will be a great local restaurant waiting for you around every corner ready to satisfy your cravings!

About Thalassa Bar & Restaurant– It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing restaurants in Malia, Crete offering a great variety of dishes and mocktails made with the best taste and expertise. Do not forget to try out for having one of the most memorable experiences in Malia, as it is known for its romantic vibe and cool amenities.

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