Greek Restaurants You MUST Visit When in Crete, Malia

There is something about Greek restaurants that when people are in Greece, it seems to be a great way to experience the local culture. And since Greece is scattered through hundreds of islands across the same, each one of them can easily surprise you with different food cultures of their own, beautifully crafted in their own ways. The Crete food and servicing traditions definitely left a lasting impression on everyone who comes to visit there. Here, you can expect to get a treat of local alcohol ‘raki’ or a piece of cake at the end of your meal that will be served in the house, the romantic sea-facing restaurants, and a lot more to discover. 

Here are some top Greek Restaurants which you must explore when in Crete –

  • Thalassa Beach & Restaurant

Thalassa Beach & Restaurant in Malia is one of the top-rated sea-facing restaurants in Crete. This small place has so much to explore and as Malia is all known for its beaches and parties and the eating party life, this place tends to be tremendously satisfying with its view as well as the overall vibe. Now talking about the Greek touch here, you can experience Greek food served finely with the best of your needs and requirements.

It’s one of the hidden gems of Crete and people love to spend a romantic stay here and visit this restaurant which is romantic as well as has all the aesthetic vibes which you need for your pictures from your holiday. Also, the exotic range of drinks here, both mocktails as well as cocktails are one of the things which are talked about. SO do not forget to check out this one when in Malia, Crete.

  • The House – Steak House Restaurant

Perfect for Greek breakfast, this one is good for breakfast if you want to have a calm and nice, peaceful time. The food here is always termed to be tasty and the staff as well are very polite and generous. There are fewer language barriers here and also there are many diverse things to look at. This one is kind of one time going restaurant for having a good meal. If you want to explore good greek food and quiet and peaceful belonging this could be a great fit which you must go to.

  • Milos

The atmosphere in Milos is quite aesthetic and the whole vibe has this whole greenery as well as woody texture which makes it even more relaxing. It’s just out of the center of the old village, sort of half inside and half outside under the trees where the brick oven is situated in Malia, one of the known places for the Mediterranean as well as Greek cuisines. They have vegan and vegetarian food available as well, with a great variety of desserts which are loved by everyone, preferring them to visit again.

Also, the whole of Malia is known for its island beauty and beaches with extra happening nightlife full of parties and mocktails. And during your holidays, planning a trip to these restaurants and making them included in your checklist could be one good option for you as you get to try the best of the Greek cuisines across Malia.

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