Greek drinks you need to try during your vacation in Greece

Food in Greece is not complete without a drink or two. People in Greece come to enjoy the taste and uniqueness of food as well as the exotic range of drinks offered here. Small places like Malia, Crete may not have much exposure, but when it comes to beach life and fun and all about drinks and the party culture, this place tops the list. Here are some alcoholic and non-alcoholic Greek drinks to enjoy during your holiday.

In Greece, what to drink?

When visiting Greece, there are several Greek cocktails to sample. The world-famous ouzo, the peculiar retsina, and the Greek Mythos beer will be sampled by the majority of tourists. These alcoholic beverages go wonderfully with the great Greek cuisine. Other travelers will like the several varieties of coffee available. Our coffee culture is thriving, with frappe, freddo espresso, and Greek coffee among the many options. Finally, some people will only consume non-alcoholic Greek beverages. Fresh juices abound, and herbal teas are commonly accessible.

Let’s take a look at the most well-known Greek cocktails one by one.

The Ultimate King of Greek Drinks – Ouzo with meze

The first Greek alcoholic drink that most people think of is ouzo. One of Greece’s most potent cocktails is ouzo. It’s produced using a blend of distilled grains and fruit. For flavor, a variety of native herbs and spices, including aniseed, are used. The alcohol content of ouzo varies between 37.5 and 50 percent, making it extremely deceptive. A bad ouzo hangover is a recipe for catastrophe, especially when mixed with beer or wine. Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience.

Greek ouzo is available in a variety of brands. Plomari, from the Greek island of Lesvos, is my favorite. It’s simple to find at most Greek tavernas. Barbagianni, Mini, and 12 are some of the other well-known brands. Most seafood dishes pair nicely with ouzo which makes it even more savory.

Tsikoudia / tsipouro / raki

You’ve probably heard of ouzo, but have you heard of raki? Another powerful alcoholic beverage is extensively made and drunk across Greece. Raki is also called tsikoudia or tsipouro, depending on the location. There are two varieties of tsipouro: one containing anise, which is said to be the original, and another without. Tsipouro is comparable to a number of other European alcoholic beverages. Grappa from Italy, orujo from Spain, and rakija from the Balkans are all comparable.

It is usually served directly from the freezer in a shot glass. Use a larger glass and add ice if it’s too powerful for you.


Rakomelo is a powerful alcoholic beverage that is ideal for the winter. It’s a simple recipe: heat raki, honey, cinnamon, and cloves. It’s sweet, powerful, and extremely delectable! Many parts of the nation, especially the islands of Amorgos and Crete, have employed Rakomelo as traditional medicine. This must imply that it is beneficial to your health. As a result, Rakomelo is one of the most deceptive Greek cocktails. If you’re not used to strong beverages, make sure you’ve eaten something prior. Extra tip: sip rather than guzzle!

We hope that this blog helps you know more about the places and you are all set up to explore the beauty of Greece. Do not forget to try these amazing drinks in Crete and the best place out of it, the ultimate beach destination Malia- Thalassa Bar & Restaurant. One of the most renowned restaurants for the best Greek mocktails and other drinks.

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