Well Known & Famous Drinks to Try when in Malia, Crete

It’s part of the joy of traveling to new places to sample new foods and drinks. Visiting Greece or the Greek Islands will undoubtedly provide you with lots of surprises! For millennia, the Greeks have created a wide range of spirits. Some, like Ouzo, are well-known and well-loved all over the world, while others are only made in limited quantities on isolated islands.

We explain their history and how they are made, as well as how they should be served to get the most enjoyment out of them. You’ll be packing a few bottles in your bag once you’ve found some of these fantastic Greek beverages as a lasting memory of Greece.

 Popular Greek Drinks

  1. Ouzo
What Is Ouzo?

Ouzo is a dry, clear apéritif with an anise taste that is popular across Greece. It has a liqueur-like flavor and is comparable to raki, pastis, and sambuca. Ouzo is said to have originated in Plomari on the island of Lesvos. It was initially prepared by distilling leftover grape skins and stems from wine manufacture. The liquid is then distilled with aniseed and local plants until the alcohol percentage reaches a high level.

  1. Metaxa
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Metaxa is a moderate, sweet-tasting brandy drink that the Greeks always drink. It’s made with care to gratify the palates of people who test it.

  1. Tsipouro
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After the rich grape juice has been removed, Tsipouro is a powerful distilled liquor (40-50 percent alcohol) created from the vines and grape skins. Apostagma, a kind of Tsipouro prepared from the full grape, is regarded significantly better. Tsipouro is likewise brewed in barrels and tastes similar to whiskey. Thessaly and Macedonia produce an anise-flavored Tsipouro that tastes remarkably similar to Ouzo (despite being brewed in an entirely different method).

  1. Freddo’s Espresso
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Espresso and ice are combined in this classic Greek coffee. The two components are mixed until the coffee is slightly cold, smooth, and creamy, which makes the Freddo unique. Sweeten the drink to your liking, but do so before blending it! You can learn how to manufacture it yourself.

  1. Greek Wine
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Greece was formerly a prominent wine producer, but its wines were mostly for the domestic market for centuries. Greek wines have been discovered and praised by wine enthusiasts all over the world in the last 10 years, and some of them can now be bought in European shops. Many distinct Greek wines, such as the beautiful Moraitis from Paros, made from the Monemvasia grape, are still worth tasting and are relatively unknown. You will have a great time learning about Greek wines.

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Greek Restaurants You MUST Visit When in Crete, Malia

There is something about Greek restaurants that when people are in Greece, it seems to be a great way to experience the local culture. And since Greece is scattered through hundreds of islands across the same, each one of them can easily surprise you with different food cultures of their own, beautifully crafted in their own ways. The Crete food and servicing traditions definitely left a lasting impression on everyone who comes to visit there. Here, you can expect to get a treat of local alcohol ‘raki’ or a piece of cake at the end of your meal that will be served in the house, the romantic sea-facing restaurants, and a lot more to discover. 

Here are some top Greek Restaurants which you must explore when in Crete –

  • Thalassa Beach & Restaurant

Thalassa Beach & Restaurant in Malia is one of the top-rated sea-facing restaurants in Crete. This small place has so much to explore and as Malia is all known for its beaches and parties and the eating party life, this place tends to be tremendously satisfying with its view as well as the overall vibe. Now talking about the Greek touch here, you can experience Greek food served finely with the best of your needs and requirements.

It’s one of the hidden gems of Crete and people love to spend a romantic stay here and visit this restaurant which is romantic as well as has all the aesthetic vibes which you need for your pictures from your holiday. Also, the exotic range of drinks here, both mocktails as well as cocktails are one of the things which are talked about. SO do not forget to check out this one when in Malia, Crete.

  • The House – Steak House Restaurant

Perfect for Greek breakfast, this one is good for breakfast if you want to have a calm and nice, peaceful time. The food here is always termed to be tasty and the staff as well are very polite and generous. There are fewer language barriers here and also there are many diverse things to look at. This one is kind of one time going restaurant for having a good meal. If you want to explore good greek food and quiet and peaceful belonging this could be a great fit which you must go to.

  • Milos

The atmosphere in Milos is quite aesthetic and the whole vibe has this whole greenery as well as woody texture which makes it even more relaxing. It’s just out of the center of the old village, sort of half inside and half outside under the trees where the brick oven is situated in Malia, one of the known places for the Mediterranean as well as Greek cuisines. They have vegan and vegetarian food available as well, with a great variety of desserts which are loved by everyone, preferring them to visit again.

Also, the whole of Malia is known for its island beauty and beaches with extra happening nightlife full of parties and mocktails. And during your holidays, planning a trip to these restaurants and making them included in your checklist could be one good option for you as you get to try the best of the Greek cuisines across Malia.

A Cuisine Tour of Crete | Thalassa Restaurant & Bar

Any local would tell you that Crete is without a doubt Greece’s top destination for foodies. And it will be difficult to disagree once you get there. Everything tastes good because of the mountain, sea, and more sunshine than anywhere else in Greece.

Popular local foods and treats to try while dining in Crete

You may get pastitsio, moussaka, souvlaki, keftedes (meatballs), tzatziki, and horiatiki (Greek salad) in tavernas and restaurants, of course, but once you’ve had the local Cretan food, you won’t want anything else. The classics listed below may be found in most tavernas.

  • Snails

In Crete, people like snails and prepare them in a dizzying array of ways. Chochlioi boubouristi is a favourite meal that is both tasty and challenging to pronounce. In the local dialect, “boubouristi” refers to the position of the snails while they are cooked in a skillet with vinegar, rosemary, and olive oil. Wild greens that have been boiled frequently serve as the garnish.

  • Cretan candies

The traditional desserts provide an end to your feast of Cretan cuisine. The kalitsounia lichnarakia are first in line. You may recall the kalitsounia cheese pies from earlier, and indeed, these bits of pastry paradise also contain cheese (myzithra), but they are given a sweet twist by the addition of cinnamon-flavored dough and honey to the cheese. They are typically consumed around Easter, but because they are so irresistible, you may find them all year long. Sfakianes pites, which resemble little pancakes and are originally from Sfakia in southern Crete, are another cheese-based pie that has been transformed into a sweet by honey (with a mint kick).

  • Salad Dakos

Dakos, sometimes called koukouvagia (owl), is the most well-known salad from Crete. Oregano-flavored feta or myzithra cheese crumbles are liberally sprinkled over a bed of softened barley rusk (paximadi), which is also seasoned with chopped tomatoes. Whether or not there are olives in your dakos salad, it will undoubtedly be drizzled with a lot of extra virgin olive oil.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant– It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing restaurants in Malia, Crete offering a great variety of dishes and mocktails made with the best taste and expertise. Do not forget to try out for having one of the most memorable experiences in Malia, as it is known for its romantic vibe and cool amenities. 

Top 3 Beaches to Visit in Crete

The most breathtaking beaches in the nation may be found on the Greek island of Crete. There is a beach here for everyone, from spectacular cliff beaches to huge sands and beautiful coves, thanks to its more than 100 kilometres of shoreline.

Here are the top 3 beaches in Crete to add to your shortlist if you’re fortunate enough to be planning a vacation there.

Remember to only take pictures, leave footprints, and pass the time. If there isn’t a trash can, bring a bag with you.

Matala Beach

Tall rocky cliffs with caverns that were likely originally used as Roman graves and subsequently occupied by hippies in the 1960s and 1970s set off this sandy and pebbly beach. The caverns, which can be explored for three euros, surround Matala Beach and create a natural harbour around the transparent blue-green ocean (or you can swim around to reach them). The beach is well set up with rows of chairs and substantial straw umbrellas, making it ideal for relaxing after a swim in the warm ocean. A few gift stores, cafés, tavernas, and motels may be found close by in the little town of Matala. Additionally, Matala Beach has earned the Blue Flag, indicating that it satisfies standards for cleanliness and safety.

Location: 34.99404, 24.74972


One of Crete’s most well-known beaches, Balos is probably towards the top of your list of potential daytrips if you’re going there. On the northernmost point of the Greek mainland, Balos is easily accessible from the Chania region. It is also feasible to go there from Rethymnon, albeit the trip will take more time.

Many people travel by water to Balos; shuttles will take you as far as Kissamos, and a boat will take you directly to Balos beach from there. Additionally, the boat docks at Gramvousa Island. If you decide to drive, be careful of the off-road path and the incline of the trek back to the parking lot (though the view is spectacular)


You’ve probably heard of or seen pictures of Elafonisi, which is another famous beach on the island of Crete. It is renowned for its shallow lagoon-like waters and pink-tinged sands (caused by shell fragments).

Despite being very distant and situated on the south west coast of Crete, Elafonisi is accessible by excursions from most of the island’s tourist destinations. One of the most visited sights on the island, it gets very crowded in the summer. Although there is a parking lot and a few tiny businesses, it is advisable to carry your own supplies.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant– It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing restaurants in Malia, Crete offering a great variety of dishes and mocktails made with the best taste and expertise. Do not forget to try out for having one of the most memorable experiences in Malia, as it is known for its romantic vibe and cool amenities. 

3 Delicious Greek Cocktails You’ll Love in 2022

top rated bars in crete

Do you like to unwind with delectable Greek drinks on gloomy summer days? If the response is “yes,” then this post is what you need. It will provide you with a list of delectable cocktails that are enjoyed by many people worldwide, not only Greeks.

This site also gives you information on some of these beverages’ usual qualities and what makes them so alluring. You will be aware of the unique flavors each cocktail brings as well as which one is best for you. Check this out by reading on!


Mastika, also known as mastiha, is a well-known beverage produced from mastic, a resin obtained from mastic trees on Chios Island that gives mastika its distinctive herbal-pine aftertaste.

Mastika is often consumed immediately following a meal, served ice cold, but it may also be combined with Prosecco to make a delightful aperitif.

Metaxa Mojito

Next up for you is a Metaxa Mojito. You need first to have a deeper understanding of mojito. A classic beverage from Cuba, the mojito is frequently mixed with rum, fresh mint, soda water, and lime juice.

Your Metaxa Mojito will be smoother if you include Metaxa, a Greek amber spirit. Additionally, your drink will have a floral perfume, a hint of citrus flavor, and a very little honey scent.

Ouzo Lemonade

I’m going to present you with another incredible drink created with ouzo called ouzo lemonade. Ouzo is usually a great choice for Greek cocktails.

This fantastic beverage is made by combining the most well-known Greek tastes, including ouzo, mint, honey, and lemon juice.

These Greek drinks won’t let you down with their vibrant hues and striking looks. Greek beverages have been enjoyed for millennia in this Mediterranean nation.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant– It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing restaurants in Malia, Crete offering a great variety of dishes and mocktails made with the best taste and expertise. Do not forget to try out for having one of the most memorable experiences in Malia, as it is known for its romantic vibe and cool amenities. 

A Tour of Malia, Crete: Old and New in 2022

top rated bars in crete

One of the odd juxtapositions of European beach vacations is the chaotic mix of modernity and antiquity, where you may enjoy the wild and exciting nightlife in one place and then spend the next day learning about the ancient history of human civilizations. Such is the case with well-known locations like the Greek hamlet of Malia, where partygoers from the island of Crete could recover from their hangovers next to aspiring archaeologists eager to explore pre-Homeric monuments. The Malia vacations provide a chance to indulge in modern and historical delights, whether for hedonism or intellectualism.

On the northern coast of Crete, in the Gulf of Malia, is the town of Malia, which is 36 kilometers southeast of Heraklion. There are 2500 people living there, and the majority work in tourism. This seaside town offers a variety of tourist amenities and attracts thousands of visitors each summer. The town, which includes ancient and contemporary towns, is situated around a natural harbor.


On Crete’s greatest beaches, take advantage of the Greek sun, golden sand, and crystal-clear sea. Join one of our tranquil trips to escape from worries and concerns.


Enjoy your time with the best restaurants in Malia and have the best time with your people as the place has one of the most romanticizing restaurants with amazing drinks and food.

Depending on your personal sense of fun, there is no one optimum time to visit Malia. Around the middle of September, the region begins to calm down after the noisy and crazy summer months. In June, temperatures rise to 22 °C, remain high through September (24 °C), and then drop to an annual low of 8 °C by December/January.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant– It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing restaurants in Malia, Crete offering a great variety of dishes and mocktails made with the best taste and expertise. Do not forget to try out for having one of the most memorable experiences in Malia, as it is known for its romantic vibe and cool amenities. 

Savouring Malia’s beauty with Thalassa Bar & Restaurant

Thalassa Bar Restaurant

Malia is another well-liked holiday spot for visitors to Crete, which is well known for its picturesque resorts favoured by vacationers.

While not your typical calm and tranquil Cretan hamlet, Maila is ideal for action-packed daytime sunbathing and an even livelier nighttime. Malia is the place to go if you’re in Crete and want to have a blast at a boat party!

If you’ve never heard of Malia and are interested in its location on the northern shore of Crete, it’s just around 40 kilometers east of Heraklion. Another village along the same beach, Chersonissos, has a vibrant nightlife.

If you want to take advantage of everything that Crete has to offer, Malia is the perfect place. Due to its close proximity to Heraklion and the island’s capital, it offers visitors the possibility to relax on the beach, dance the night away, sees some local culture, or enjoy fine cuisine after a long day of shopping.

After your boat party, if you feel like seeing some sites, it’s a good idea to rent a car and drive about Malia and the surrounding region.

Activities in Malia

It’s not hyperbole to state that Malia provides everything a traveler could possibly desire for a fun-filled, relaxing, sun-soaked holiday. You may find fantastic beaches, eateries, beach bars, shopping, and clubs at this coastal town.

Some of the top activities in Malia include the following:

Sun Beach Malia

There are several leisurely activities available at this well-known location. You’re likely to find everything, whether you’re searching for a traditional English breakfast, a fantastic fast-food restaurant, coffee shops, or pubs that sell quality beer! Expect to watch the nightlife come to life in the beach bars along the coast of Malia and along the main road, Dimokratias Avenue, in the evening.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant– It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing restaurants in Malia, Crete offering a great variety of dishes and mocktails made with the best taste and expertise. Do not forget to try out for having one of the most memorable experiences in Malia, as it is known for its romantic vibe and cool amenities. 

Top Pieces of Advice Before Landing Down in Malia

The largest island in Greece and one of the largest in the Mediterranean is Crete. With pink sand beaches, turquoise waters, brown mountains, and green olive trees, it offers a magnificent color pallet. A place with amazing natural treasures and a perfect environment all year round. Additionally, it is the birthplace of the Cretan diet, one of the healthiest diets in the world.

Before you jet yourself to Malia, Crete, one of its hidden treasures where the greatest of your experiences originate from, allow us to provide you with some crucial advice regarding the same.

The ideal time to visit Malia

In Greece, nice weather is practically a given during the summer. There are about 12 hours of daylight each day, and temperatures are often in the 30s. There won’t be much rain in July and August, either. If you like things to be a little bit colder, spring and fall provide lots of sunshine but lower temperatures in the mid-20s. If you enjoy walking or touring, these shoulder months are ideal since they are not very hot—even during the hottest part of the day. Rain showers could occasionally happen to you as well.

Safety & Health

To protect yourself when traveling, you should get comprehensive travel and health insurance. If you apply for a card now and are traveling to the EU, you will receive a new UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) rather than an EHIC. You are now entitled to emergency medical care under the same conditions as Greek citizens. However, it won’t pay for continuous medical care, non-urgent care, or medical repatriation.

Visas & Passports

Make sure you are well equipped when it comes to passports and visas. These are the advanced key factors when considering a trip to Malia. Greece does not require a visa for British nationals, however, they do need a current passport. Visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/greece/entry-requirements for the latest recent information on passports and visas.

About Thalassa Bar & Restaurant– It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing restaurants in Malia, Crete offering a great variety of dishes and mocktails made with the best taste and expertise. Do not forget to try out for having one of the most memorable experiences in Malia, as it is known for its romantic vibe and cool amenities.

Malia’s Best Eats: A Foodie’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in town

Foodies, rejoice! Whether you are visiting Malia this summer with your family or friends, or you live here and want to try something new, look no further than this list of the best restaurants in town. You can’t go wrong with any of these places, which have won awards and praise from diners all over Greece. Some serve up some pretty authentic Greek dishes, while others offer international cuisine, but all of them will leave you wanting more! Just don’t forget to make reservations first!

Try street food

If you’re looking for Malia eateries with a local feel, check out one of many street food vendors. For under €10, you can get a good portion of meat and salad that comes with pita bread and wine. If there are lots of people around (and you’re feeling adventurous), sit down on the curb or at someone’s feet while eating your meal. It will seem like just another day in Greece! And it is a great way to meet other travelers, who will probably be hungry as well and happy to share their stories with you. The food cart scene on Ionia square is always full of great options for snacking throughout your stay in Malia!

Sea Side Restaurants

If you’re staying at Dimokratias, end of the beach road, and want a romantic dinner with a view, then look no further than Thalassa Bar & Restaurant. Featuring beautiful views and elegant table settings, this is an ideal place for couples who want some peace and quiet but still want to dine with easy beach access. While not cheap, you’ll enjoy both seafood and meat dishes served by friendly waiters. If you’re coming for sunset, be sure to get there early as it fills up quickly! This bar and restaurant serve some quirky amazing drinks on their menu!

Fancy spots

Don’t get us wrong, some of our favorite meals were had at fancy restaurants—but maybe that’s because our criteria for fancy was relaxed. The best fine dining establishments don’t just have great food and good service, they offer an experience. If you want a finer meal without breaking your budget, check out Reserve Cut Steakhouse (for steak lovers) or The Capital Grille (for those who want high-end comfort food). Both are incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike. For upscale seafood, we recommend Aqua Bistro on South Beach.

Malia is famous for its nightlife, beautiful people and sunsets. It’s no wonder why so many of us keep returning back here every year. But behind all that party lies a hidden gem with some hidden gems of its own. For those who have been lucky enough to visit Malia more than once, you’ll know what I mean when I say there are always different spots on each trip. Wherever you go in Malia, there will be a great local restaurant waiting for you around every corner ready to satisfy your cravings!

About Thalassa Bar & Restaurant– It is one of the most beautiful and relaxing restaurants in Malia, Crete offering a great variety of dishes and mocktails made with the best taste and expertise. Do not forget to try out for having one of the most memorable experiences in Malia, as it is known for its romantic vibe and cool amenities.

Malia’s Nightlife Is Now Open!- Bring on the Party!

At Malia’s Nightlife, we strive to provide you with the best parties in town! We are now open all year round, so there’s no excuse not to stop by and enjoy yourself this holiday season! Be sure to swing by soon – our fabulous DJs are spinning their hottest tunes from all genres! Not only this, visit the most exotic restaurants and pleasure your mindset at the best! The holiday season has just begun and Malia, Crete is buckled up for exotic parties, restaurant hopping, some amazing mocktails and cocktails and a lot more!

Visit Malia, Crete’s Amazing Restaurants by the Tides

Staying in Malia, Crete while traveling can be really great because of all its restaurants. They have a variety of dishes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Located near some great beaches, you won’t want to miss out on exploring them. Some dishes include Souvlaki, Tsoureki, etc. If you ever visit or live in Malia, Crete you will be sure to want to try them out for yourself! Malia has amazing nightlife too. One reason is that it has so many places that are open late into the night; most close around 4 am so they can prepare for a busy day ahead.

If passing by, do not forget this amazing restaurant in Malia, which is JUST everybody’s favorite!!

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant

Located at the end of the beach road, this restaurant has a pure vibe, having all the waves by the sea, a beautiful ambiance, and tasty food starting from serving Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fish, pasta with seafood, and a lot more. Enjoy the Greek dining experience, people from all over the country love to visit here as it has the whole romantic vibe which attracts couples the most. At night it’s even more beautiful due to the whole lightning setup and the sound of the waves with white interiors is an add-on. The prices here are affordable, with delicious servings and with the perfect presentations of mocktails as well as food.

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