Top Attractions for Couples in Malia

Thinking about the perfect location with the whole beachside vibe and the perfect romantic area in Malia, then considering Thalassa Bar & Restaurant can be the perfect fit because what’s better than the Greece islands which are everybody’s favorite places ad especially when you talk about couples it is the perfect destinations for couples as it has the wholesome romantic as well as the ultimate fun under the sun destinations.

There are many reasons that Malia tends to be the perfect attraction destination for young couples but let us take a look at some of the main pointers which we feel you should never fall apart with.

Beach Side Restaurants

Beachside restaurants in Malia, Crete are the best and ultimate places where you must go to. Stopping by for lunch or for a dinner with the whole beach setup with splashes of water as well as beautifully served cocktails is such a whole enjoyment when it comes to holidays and vacations especially when we are talking about couples. Thalassa Beach & Restaurant is one of the most in-demand restaurants in Malia which is very famous for being the couple spot, many of the couples have the most unique proposals to happily living ever after here from Thalassa by starting their journey. 

This is the reason that people never miss out on Thalassa Bar and Restaurant when they are planning and making a checklist for their vacation in Greece because of the beauty as well as the Instagram selfies and post setup look by the restaurant’s end.

Exciting Water Parks

There are a number of exciting and adventurous water parks in Malia which you must consider going to as there are the tallest and fastest slides which are not only enjoyable but also the safety steps and measures are taken into consideration. This day which serves as the away from the beach day will give you different amusement rides and act as the perfect amusement trip.

Water city is basically 15 minutes away from Malia and the fun people of all ages have there is immense and is highly recommended to visit there as it is the ultimately unforgettable moment of relaxation and water games.


Beaches to explore

Malia is all about the unique beaches consisting of fine white sand and crystal-clear waters and is considered as one of the island’s beauty to explore for couples when they are on their vacation. Beaches are the heart of Malia and this gives you the whole holiday vibe to sit back in the sun and have fun even the chairs & nearby bars & eateries are the whole add-ons to enjoy together.

These are only some of the main things that Malia has to offer, but there are many more that await discovery so make sure you have a lot of time and a checklist prepared for yourself before planning to visit here. One thing is for sure: this exciting Greek restaurant- Thalassa Bar & Restaurant has everything you need to ensure that your couples’ holiday is just perfect for sunrise to sunset and even after sunset for the after-party!

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