Greek drinks you need to try during your vacation in Greece

Food in Greece is not complete without a drink or two. People in Greece come to enjoy the taste and uniqueness of food as well as the exotic range of drinks offered here. Small places like Malia, Crete may not have much exposure, but when it comes to beach life and fun and all about drinks and the party culture, this place tops the list. Here are some alcoholic and non-alcoholic Greek drinks to enjoy during your holiday.

In Greece, what to drink?

When visiting Greece, there are several Greek cocktails to sample. The world-famous ouzo, the peculiar retsina, and the Greek Mythos beer will be sampled by the majority of tourists. These alcoholic beverages go wonderfully with the great Greek cuisine. Other travelers will like the several varieties of coffee available. Our coffee culture is thriving, with frappe, freddo espresso, and Greek coffee among the many options. Finally, some people will only consume non-alcoholic Greek beverages. Fresh juices abound, and herbal teas are commonly accessible.

Let’s take a look at the most well-known Greek cocktails one by one.

The Ultimate King of Greek Drinks – Ouzo with meze

The first Greek alcoholic drink that most people think of is ouzo. One of Greece’s most potent cocktails is ouzo. It’s produced using a blend of distilled grains and fruit. For flavor, a variety of native herbs and spices, including aniseed, are used. The alcohol content of ouzo varies between 37.5 and 50 percent, making it extremely deceptive. A bad ouzo hangover is a recipe for catastrophe, especially when mixed with beer or wine. Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience.

Greek ouzo is available in a variety of brands. Plomari, from the Greek island of Lesvos, is my favorite. It’s simple to find at most Greek tavernas. Barbagianni, Mini, and 12 are some of the other well-known brands. Most seafood dishes pair nicely with ouzo which makes it even more savory.

Tsikoudia / tsipouro / raki

You’ve probably heard of ouzo, but have you heard of raki? Another powerful alcoholic beverage is extensively made and drunk across Greece. Raki is also called tsikoudia or tsipouro, depending on the location. There are two varieties of tsipouro: one containing anise, which is said to be the original, and another without. Tsipouro is comparable to a number of other European alcoholic beverages. Grappa from Italy, orujo from Spain, and rakija from the Balkans are all comparable.

It is usually served directly from the freezer in a shot glass. Use a larger glass and add ice if it’s too powerful for you.


Rakomelo is a powerful alcoholic beverage that is ideal for the winter. It’s a simple recipe: heat raki, honey, cinnamon, and cloves. It’s sweet, powerful, and extremely delectable! Many parts of the nation, especially the islands of Amorgos and Crete, have employed Rakomelo as traditional medicine. This must imply that it is beneficial to your health. As a result, Rakomelo is one of the most deceptive Greek cocktails. If you’re not used to strong beverages, make sure you’ve eaten something prior. Extra tip: sip rather than guzzle!

We hope that this blog helps you know more about the places and you are all set up to explore the beauty of Greece. Do not forget to try these amazing drinks in Crete and the best place out of it, the ultimate beach destination Malia- Thalassa Bar & Restaurant. One of the most renowned restaurants for the best Greek mocktails and other drinks.

The Ultimate Guide on Malia’s Nightlife- 2022

The holiday season is about to begin and guess which place is all pumped up to have travelers from all around the world for their seasonal business- Malia it is! Malia starts by having the beauty and the vibe from the area where at the top you can find restaurants, shops, and bars and goes down to the middle area where most of the clubs are situated for the whole vibe. If you go further down, you’ll be able to find more of the shops, restaurants, and cool bars.

 If you keep going to the bottom you’ll find Malia beach, the ultimate love of the travelers who come to visit Crete, Greece. It really does have everything on the one road itself. Most of the hotels in Malia are a short walking distance from the main strip, even the ones situated in the old town are only a 10-minute walk away max and that’s it. This small area has much to offer you in terms of nightlife and party

Restaurants in Malia

There are a variety of restaurants which you can find in Malia, beautiful and cool as well.  There are a lot of choices so you’ll definitely find something or the other in the best ways – even for the fussiest of eaters. Take a look at some of our favorite places below.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant

Located at the end of the beach road, this restaurant has a pure vibe, having all the waves by the sea, a beautiful ambiance, and tasty food starting from serving Mediterranean cuisine, fresh fish, pasta with seafood, and a lot more. Enjoy the Greek dining experience, people from all over the country love to visit here as it has the whole romantic vibe which attracts couples the most. At night it’s even more beautiful due to the whole lightning setup and the sound of the waves with white interiors is an add-on. The prices here are affordable, with delicious servings and with the perfect presentations of mocktails as well as food.

George & Dragon

George and Dragon is located right at the top of the Malia strip and is also known for being the home to your welcome meetings and a lot of other pre-party meeting points. As such you’ll get a discount here all week as they are quite generous with that. Their menu also has everything you could possibly want and is very reasonably priced if you want to have a pocket-friendly visit somewhere. Even any big games you’re wanting to watch whilst you’re away, they will definitely show it here and then you are all set for Malia, Crete. 

Clubs in Malia

Apollo Club

Known as Malia’s #1 Urban CLub it brings the best of everything from hip hop to Grime and R&B. It is located on the roads of Malia best to be reached by anyone. It is loved by the visitors who come to Malia for the whole nightlife and the party which it offers. It has great music and atmosphere, a must-visit if you are a party animal.

Candy Club

Candy Club hosts the best of the parties in the charts of Malia and everyone plans it on their checklist to go to this one when in Malia. They host the most exotic parties and there are so many long queues just to get an entry in this one. So make sure that you arrive early so that you get the entry at the perfect time because you should not miss this one.

We hope that you find this blog helpful to have a perfect trip to Malia, Crete. We would be bringing some more blogs so that you can stay tuned and plan everything with our help.

Greek Restaurants You MUST Visit When in Crete, Malia

There is something about the Greek restaurants that when people are in Greece it seems to be a great way to experience the local culture. And since Greece is scattered through hundreds of islands across the same, each one of them can easily surprise you with the different food cultures of their own, beautifully crafted in their own ways. The Crete food and servicing traditions definitely left a lasting impression on everyone who comes to visit there. Here, you can expect to get a treat of local alcohol ‘raki’ or a piece of cake at the end of your meal that will be served in the house, the romantic sea-facing restaurants, and a lot more to discover. 

Here are some top Greek Restaurants which you must explore when in Crete –

  • Thalassa Beach & Restaurant

Thalassa Beach & Restaurant in Malia is one of the top-rated sea-facing restaurants in Crete. This small place has so much to explore and as Malia is all known for its beaches and parties and the eating party life, this place tends to be tremendously satisfying with its view as well as the overall vibe. Now talking about the Greek touch here, you can experience Greek food served finely with the best of your needs and requirements.

It’s one of the hidden gems of Crete and people love to spend a romantic stay here and visit this restaurant which is romantic as well as has all the aesthetic vibes which you need for your pictures from your holiday. Also, the exotic range of drinks here both mocktails as well as cocktails are one of the things which are talked about. SO do not forget to check out this one when in Malia, Crete.

  • The House – Steak House Restaurant

Perfect for greek breakfast, this one is good for breakfast, if you want to have a calm and nice, peaceful time. The food here is always termed to be tasty and the staff as well are very polite and generous. There are less language barriers here  and also there are many diverse things to look at. This one is kind of a one time going restaurant for having a good meal. If you want to explore good greek food and quiet as well as peaceful belonging this could be a great fit which you must go to.

  • Milos

The atmosphere in Milos is quite aesthetic and the whole vibe has this whole greenery as well as woody texture which makes it even more relaxing. It’s just out of the center of the old village, sort of half inside and half outside under the trees where the brick oven is situated in Malia , one of the known places for Mediterranean as well as Greek cuisines. They have vegan and vegetarian food available as well with a great variety of desserts which are loved by everyone preferring them to visit again.

Also, the whole of Malia is known for its island beauty and beaches with extra happening nightlife full of party and mocktails. And during your holidays, planning a trip to these restaurants and making them included in your checklist could be one good option for you as you get to try the best of the Greek cuisines across Malia.

What all to do when in Malia, Crete?- Part 1

When in Greece, your trip list should definitely include Crete as it is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, the 88th largest island in the world, and the fifth-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, after Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, and Corsica. And the most exotic coastal town of this one, Malia is most famous for its crystal clear waters and its sandy beaches. So these were some primary information regarding all about Crete and about the town, Malia.

Now considering the traveling part as to what all you can do when you are in this beautiful small town Malia is what we would tell you about covering not only the beautiful beaches but also the famous beach-facing restaurants with absolute beauty and food which are a must-try, we would add all of those!

Malia Palace, Archaeological Site

Apart from the exotic nightlife of Malia famous for all those sand and sun views, Malia is also famous for its architectural view of the third-largest Minoan palace in Crete. This Palace of Malia is one of the talks of the town and people love to plan to visit here. This place is located 3km east of Malia. One can enjoy the guided tour and people who are a fan of Greek history, this place is all for them as this place is large enough to explore and clearly marked as one of the best architectural places there in Greece.

Lassithi Plateau

The wonderful and scenic Lassithi Plateau is located about 25km south of Malia and 70km west of Heraklion city.  This breathtaking plateau has the view of the white, covered with canvas windmills which are really promising. Not only this there are only a few of these traditional windmills left that operate for a limited time or are located next to taverns as a tourist attraction. Nevertheless, a trip to the Lasithi plateau is definitely recommended by our team as it is one of the best tourist attractions when in Malia, Crete.

Beach Side Restaurants

Restaurants with the perfect sea view and the sunny vibe with beautiful cocktails serve as the best examples of being the most exotic as well as relaxing attractions when it comes to visiting Malia, Crete. The best beachside restaurants include the most loved by the tourists, Thalassa Bar & Restaurant which comes to be stated as the one of the most romantic and loved restaurants which offer great varieties of cocktails and food with the best presentations in Malia. Do not forget to check this one out for having romantic pictures clicked by the splashes of the seaside view, which is a treat to the eyes.

Coming to the end of the blog, we want to let you know that Malia has a lot when it comes to exploring, so this was just part one of this blog, stay tuned for part two as we will cover a lot more in there and serve you with the best-researched places.

Best Cocktails In Malia, Crete

The beauty of Malia is unhidden, like if you are looking for an ideal place which consists of all the good things that Crete offers and want to enjoy dance, the whole beach vibe, culture, wining and dining then this is your perfect destination to visit this season.

Are you someone who is in love with drinks? Well then, you definitely need to check out Malia’s exotic restaurant – Thalassa’s Bar & Restaurant to get the vibe and the taste of the sip which you are actually looking forward to.

The beautifully crafted and enriched drinks at Thalassa Bar & Restaurant is located at the end of beach road Dimokratias Street, Malia. 

Why is Thalassa Bar & Restaurant the ultimate best place to have drinks?

  • Seafront Restaurant 

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant literally has a view beside the sea to die for. When you just want to be calm and you want to enjoy sunsets, Thalassa Bar & Restaurant gives you that opportunity to have that perfect scenery with a lot of tasty drinks and food.

  • Exotic Cocktails

If you are someone who is absolutely a sucker for cocktails, then let me tell you Thalassa offers a great range of cocktails that not only taste great but also look great. The owner of Thalassa himself works hard to prepare those drinks in the most interesting way. Not only this, but we make sure that you are not giving a harsh price to your pocket, which means we charge you a fair price, which means it is a saving for you. The most delicious as well as the most fairly priced cocktails are all available at Thalassa Bar & Restaurant. So if you are on the hunt for getting the best cocktails when in Malia, Crete, then let me tell you Thalassa Bar & Restaurant is your go-to guide for getting the perfect view and against the sea.

Best Cocktails In Malia, Crete | Thalassa Bar & Restaurant

Could not believe us? See our reviews yourself

Most beautiful location, watching the sunset, drinking cocktails, eating VERY VERY tasty food. We visited Thalassa almost every night if not for food, definitely to enjoy a drink. Friendly and pleasant staff, best cocktail master in Malia ( piña coladas <3), would definitely recommend 🙂

~ Gabrijela

Presentation of Cocktails

We focus a lot on providing you with the best presentation of cocktails. We try unique ways of serving you the cocktails so that you get that whole snappable and Instagram content of cocktail pictures for your feed. The staff at Thalassa make sure that the drinks are presented beautifully and also small elements are taken into consideration for presentation so that we are always termed for the name and fame which we have for the wide and exotic variety of cocktails.

Could not believe us? See our reviews yourself

We also had some very good cocktails for a very good price. The cocktail maker was very experienced, so I even could order two different whiskey sours that weren’t on the menu.

Overall, a lovely evening in Malia thanks to this restaurant. We would recommend it!

~ Jurrian v

So, as we come to the end of this blog, we want you to recommend visiting Thalassa Bar & Restaurant and getting the therapy of perfect and exotic drinks on the table, the best view for sunsets in Malia, tasty food and cocktails which are made out of freshly used ingredients. So waiting for what? Make sure you visit us this season and get enrolled to the taste of beauty and peace when in Malia, Crete.

Best Romantic Restaurant in Malia

When talking about the top romantic restaurants in Malia, Thalassa Bar & Restaurant has to top the list and why not The whole vibe and the romantic energy which Thalassa Bar & Restaurant has and the number of positive ratings which our customers have given us makes us the best romantic spots to visit when in Malia, Crete. Located at the end of beach road Dimokratias Street, Malia, Thalassa Bar & Restaurant has been given 5-star ratings when it comes to the atmosphere and the vibe for a romantic dinner date.

From 2011, Thalassa has been providing the best drinks and cocktail menu, which are presented in the most beautifully crafted manner besides the sea, which makes it even more peaceful and romantic. Many couples and a lot of international travelers have recommended it to be the best romantic restaurant in Malia, Crete because of the soothing atmosphere and vibe which makes it unique in its own way. 

When it comes to location, it serves as the best location to eat, drink and have a whole romantic vibe in Malia for travelers and even the locals. The popular viewpoint and the exotic drinks make it hard to forget for everyone who visits us. Not only this but the wide variety of cocktail menus and also the dining menu makes it unique from other restaurants in Malia.

This typical authentic Greek place makes everyone fall in love with its kind nature and service by the staff, who are prompt and very actionable when it comes to understanding the menu preferences of people. The most couples-loved restaurant in Malia and also with the whole beautiful vibes atmosphere makes it charmed up in its own way. 

Main reasons why it is the best romantic spot to hang out when in Malia, Crete-

Table by the sea

A restaurant with a table by the sea!!! It is beautiful to imagine and to get it, in reality, makes it even more romantic and a destination a person would always want to go. Waves splashing over and the view could literally blow your mind! So thinking of what? Do keep us on the checklist when in Malia.


Quick stop through Malia & as soon as I saw a table by the sea, I couldn’t help myself. What a fab spot! Could literally feel the waves splashing near us was amazing.”

Romantically crafted cocktails & food

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant in Malia ensures that the food and the cocktails are romantically crafted for the visitors. We make sure that the presentation is well-curated and the people are served most passionately so that the vibe of the place and the vibe of the food is never compromised. We make sure that the food is tasty and people make us the all to go spot whenever in Malia


Beautiful location for couples for a nice romantic meal. The menu is diverse as they all seem to be in Malia, good selection, my wife had the lobster pasta and was exceptional very good flavors”

So before you plan that romantic holiday or hangout of yours, do not forget to check out the most amazing destination to visit for your tummy as well as your eyes, which is the beautiful Thalassa Bar & Restaurant termed as the best romantic restaurant in Malia, Crete, Greece.

Top Attractions for Couples in Malia

Thinking about the perfect location with the whole beachside vibe and the perfect romantic area in Malia, then considering Thalassa Bar & Restaurant can be the perfect fit because what’s better than the Greece islands which are everybody’s favorite places ad especially when you talk about couples it is the perfect destinations for couples as it has the wholesome romantic as well as the ultimate fun under the sun destinations.

There are many reasons that Malia tends to be the perfect attraction destination for young couples but let us take a look at some of the main pointers which we feel you should never fall apart with.

Beach Side Restaurants

Beachside restaurants in Malia, Crete are the best and ultimate places where you must go to. Stopping by for lunch or for a dinner with the whole beach setup with splashes of water as well as beautifully served cocktails is such a whole enjoyment when it comes to holidays and vacations especially when we are talking about couples. Thalassa Beach & Restaurant is one of the most in-demand restaurants in Malia which is very famous for being the couple spot, many of the couples have the most unique proposals to happily living ever after here from Thalassa by starting their journey. 

This is the reason that people never miss out on Thalassa Bar and Restaurant when they are planning and making a checklist for their vacation in Greece because of the beauty as well as the Instagram selfies and post setup look by the restaurant’s end.

Exciting Water Parks

There are a number of exciting and adventurous water parks in Malia which you must consider going to as there are the tallest and fastest slides which are not only enjoyable but also the safety steps and measures are taken into consideration. This day which serves as the away from the beach day will give you different amusement rides and act as the perfect amusement trip.

Water city is basically 15 minutes away from Malia and the fun people of all ages have there is immense and is highly recommended to visit there as it is the ultimately unforgettable moment of relaxation and water games.


Beaches to explore

Malia is all about the unique beaches consisting of fine white sand and crystal-clear waters and is considered as one of the island’s beauty to explore for couples when they are on their vacation. Beaches are the heart of Malia and this gives you the whole holiday vibe to sit back in the sun and have fun even the chairs & nearby bars & eateries are the whole add-ons to enjoy together.

These are only some of the main things that Malia has to offer, but there are many more that await discovery so make sure you have a lot of time and a checklist prepared for yourself before planning to visit here. One thing is for sure: this exciting Greek restaurant- Thalassa Bar & Restaurant has everything you need to ensure that your couples’ holiday is just perfect for sunrise to sunset and even after sunset for the after-party!

Perfect Valentine’s Day Restaurant in Malia

good restaurants in malia

The perfect Valentine’s Day just sums up with plenty of dinners for two, of course–but others take it as an opportunity for a more original and meaningful event. As the holiday approaches round the clock, let’s look at some of the exciting, creative events at bars across the country and especially in Malia, beside the sea having the most romantic getaway for two people on this Valentines’ Day 2022. 

Dial-up the most romantic restaurants when in Malia to make your couples dining smooth and beautiful. Read about our exotic restaurant and learn why Thalassa Bar and Restaurant is just perfect to celebrate your romantic dinner date or cute brunch date.

The View

The view of Thalassa Bar and Restaurant in Malia is one of the most exotic as well as romantic and it is treated as the top-rated romantic restaurant beside the sea in Malia. And the reason is simply the view and the whole vibe which this restaurant has. The whole couples who come here enjoy the time off from work and indulge in the beauty of watching beautiful sunsets as well as waves splashing out on their date nights which makes it the perfect fit for Valentines day evenings and also is the reason that it is the ‘PERFECT’ example of being the best Valentine’s Day Restaurant in Malia. 

Read from our visitors

“Amazing location

My husband and I had a drink here one lunchtime – it was a beautiful location and very chilled so we decided to go to dinner the next evening. The food was amazing and we sat and watched the sunset. I’d suggest booking during peak times – we’ll definitely go back next time we visit Malia.”

~ Surrey

Cocktails- Crafted with Love

The cocktails here in Thalassa Bar and Restaurant is made in the most unique way with out of the box ideas to serve them in the unique way to give your loved ones a touch of exceptional service and taste as well; this restaurant in Malia serves classic cocktails which you should definitely taste if you are enjoying your holiday here in Malia, Greece. Their service as well as the popular cocktails are just to die for and perfect for Valentines’ Day.

Read from our visitors

“Amazing views, tasty food, and beautiful cocktails!

My partner and I had been recommended to come here multiple times by multiple people and we were not disappointed! I called and booked the best table in the house (closest to the sea) at 8 pm in time for the stunning sunset. Such a beautiful location, the waiters are lovely and very attentive, and once the sunsets and it gets windy they have blankets at the ready to ensure everyone’s comfort. The food was really good! Highly recommend the T-bone steak. It was cooked to perfection. The souvlaki was also the best I have had this holiday.”

~ Laurenashleewhi

Exceptionally Good Food

The meal here at Thalassa is often recommended to be amazing. The whole taste, spices, and the presentation of the dishes are made by considering the smallest factors of concern and then presented to our guests as the guests here are welcomed with love and taken care with exceptionally good food and service which is the top class which makes it the perfect place for the guests to enjoy their romantic dinner.

“The food here was fresh and delicious. We ate here almost every day for lunch and the food was amazing! The calamari was so fresh and the Greek Salad was excellent. We also enjoyed the Greek Mezze, and the pizzas were grease-free and delicious. The waiters were so lovely and the chef even did a special request for my mum who has eating difficulty. Thank you”

~ Nichelle

So here are the reasons why Thalassa Bar & Restaurant is the best romantic restaurant to have a date night for Valentines’ Day. So plan your holiday according to us and visit the most exotic location when planning to visit Greece to enjoy your post-Valentine’s experience.

Where can you get the best Greek Food in Malia?

When you talk about Greek food, it is the healthiest food cuisine in the world. According to the U.S. World News Report, the team of 25 recognized health professionals from all over the nation, found that the Mediterranean diet is the No. 1 diet in the whole world – and it’s not just because Greek food nearby tastes delicious. 

The foundation of the Greek diet lies in the eating habits of Southern European countries – specifically, the people and produce of Greece. If you want to have a healthy and balanced diet, Greek food is the best as it is tasty as well as healthy.

Where can you get the best Greek Food in Malia?

When you talk about Malia, Malia is known for its beaches and restaurants and so it is a hyped party place where any couple or group of friends must explore if they want to go for a whole party vibe. In midst of the same if you want to enjoy greek food by the beach side and enjoy the waves as well as the soothing tides, we recommend you to try Thalassa Bar & Restaurant as it serves the most exotic variety of both greek food as well as other items to sooth your taste buds.

In Malia, Crete, You can find a variety of restaurants, but the taste, and the texture as well as the whole overall presentation by Thalassa is unique in such a way that people are magneted towards it and drive themselves to visit here. Greek food is made with the best team of chefs and is presented and catered beautifully which is liked by all and loved as well.

The google reviews says it all! – 

With more than 700+ reviews on Google this restaurant has been top rated for the ambience and the food, literally everything one could ask for! Do not believe us, hear from the clients!

“The best Restaurant in Malia if not even on the whole Island. Had an amazing time and will go back there! Food, drinks and location is top shelf!

Really friendly staff from the front house till the kitchen. An amazing view and cheap prices compared to other places.”

– Nico Pantazis

“This place serves the best food I’ve ever had, not just the best Greek food but absolutely delicious food”

Mampotseng Lekoko

   In conclusion we just wanted to help you with providing the best Greek food restaurant if you are there in Malia so that you are catered with not only friendly service but also the delicious food here. So make sure when you plan out your checklist to visit the best beach party place, Malia, you consider Thalassa Bar & Restaurant in the checklist.

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