A Tour of Malia, Crete: Old and New in 2022

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One of the odd juxtapositions of European beach vacations is the chaotic mix of modernity and antiquity, where you may enjoy the wild and exciting nightlife in one place and then spend the next day learning about the ancient history of human civilizations. Such is the case with well-known locations like the Greek hamlet of Malia, where partygoers from the island of Crete could recover from their hangovers next to aspiring archaeologists eager to explore pre-Homeric monuments. The Malia vacations provide a chance to indulge in modern and historical delights, whether for hedonism or intellectualism.

On the northern coast of Crete, in the Gulf of Malia, is the town of Malia, which is 36 kilometers southeast of Heraklion. There are 2500 people living there, and the majority work in tourism. This seaside town offers a variety of tourist amenities and attracts thousands of visitors each summer. The town, which includes ancient and contemporary towns, is situated around a natural harbor.


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Depending on your personal sense of fun, there is no one optimum time to visit Malia. Around the middle of September, the region begins to calm down after the noisy and crazy summer months. In June, temperatures rise to 22 °C, remain high through September (24 °C), and then drop to an annual low of 8 °C by December/January.

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