A Cuisine Tour of Crete | Thalassa Restaurant & Bar

Any local would tell you that Crete is without a doubt Greece’s top destination for foodies. And it will be difficult to disagree once you get there. Everything tastes good because of the mountain, sea, and more sunshine than anywhere else in Greece.

Popular local foods and treats to try while dining in Crete

You may get pastitsio, moussaka, souvlaki, keftedes (meatballs), tzatziki, and horiatiki (Greek salad) in tavernas and restaurants, of course, but once you’ve had the local Cretan food, you won’t want anything else. The classics listed below may be found in most tavernas.

  • Snails

In Crete, people like snails and prepare them in a dizzying array of ways. Chochlioi boubouristi is a favourite meal that is both tasty and challenging to pronounce. In the local dialect, “boubouristi” refers to the position of the snails while they are cooked in a skillet with vinegar, rosemary, and olive oil. Wild greens that have been boiled frequently serve as the garnish.

  • Cretan candies

The traditional desserts provide an end to your feast of Cretan cuisine. The kalitsounia lichnarakia are first in line. You may recall the kalitsounia cheese pies from earlier, and indeed, these bits of pastry paradise also contain cheese (myzithra), but they are given a sweet twist by the addition of cinnamon-flavored dough and honey to the cheese. They are typically consumed around Easter, but because they are so irresistible, you may find them all year long. Sfakianes pites, which resemble little pancakes and are originally from Sfakia in southern Crete, are another cheese-based pie that has been transformed into a sweet by honey (with a mint kick).

  • Salad Dakos

Dakos, sometimes called koukouvagia (owl), is the most well-known salad from Crete. Oregano-flavored feta or myzithra cheese crumbles are liberally sprinkled over a bed of softened barley rusk (paximadi), which is also seasoned with chopped tomatoes. Whether or not there are olives in your dakos salad, it will undoubtedly be drizzled with a lot of extra virgin olive oil.

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