5 Must-Try Greek Mediterranean Food in Malia

Greece is known for its rich history and cultural legacy, but it also has some of the world’s most delectable dishes.

Greek Mediterranean cuisine, which includes everything from salads to fresh seafood, is something that everyone should try at least once in their lives. Expect a spectacular culinary experience unlike any other, with a vast choice of diverse flavors to sample.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant is ready to dish up some really authentic Greek Mediterranean delicacies for you if you’re searching for something different for date night or simply wanting Greek Mediterranean fare.

1. Salad with Grilled Octopus

Because Greece is located along a beautiful coastline, seafood is a mainstay in the Greek diet. Octopus is one of the most popular dishes among the natives. On a leisure vacation to Santorini, you’ll almost certainly find octopus on the menu of practically every restaurant.

Grilled octopus with fresh red onions and capers is served at Thalassa Bar & Restaurant . You’re in for a relaxed night if you pair it with a great glass of wine.

2. Red Snapper Whole

The Red Snapper is one of the world’s most popular white flesh fish, with a sweet and firm texture that may be prepared in a variety of ways.

3. Pasta with Maine Lobster

Pasta and seafood are always a nice match. Our Maine Lobster Pasta is a fantastic date night entrée at Thalassa, especially when coupled with beer. Enjoy a full Maine lobster tail on fresh pasta mixed in white wine, tomato, tarragon sauce, and a touch of cream. The one of the best greek dishes you can find when in Malia, Crete

4. Souvlaki with chicken

Another popular Greek street snack, Chicken Souvlaki, is a well-known Greek dish. Only marinated free-range chicken breast skewered and grilled to perfection is served at many restaurants in Malia, Crete. Serve our Chicken Souvlaki with a side of tzatziki, a creamy yogurt dipping sauce prepared with cucumber, garlic, olive oil, salt, and a splash of lemon juice.

5. Lamb Meatballs

If you’re a huge meat eater, our juicy and flavorful lamb meatballs are a must-try.

Our lamb meatballs are seasoned with mint and garlic and cooked to perfection, served with tzatziki for dipping. You could simply order another dish after you’ve had a taste.

If you are a Greek food lover, make sure you do not miss on these amazing dishes as they are worth trying and when in Malia, do not forget to visit Thalassa Bar & Restaurant as they have an amazing variety of food and drinks menu available just for you.

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