3 Delicious Greek Cocktails You’ll Love in 2022

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Do you like to unwind with delectable Greek drinks on gloomy summer days? If the response is “yes,” then this post is what you need. It will provide you with a list of delectable cocktails that are enjoyed by many people worldwide, not only Greeks.

This site also gives you information on some of these beverages’ usual qualities and what makes them so alluring. You will be aware of the unique flavors each cocktail brings as well as which one is best for you. Check this out by reading on!


Mastika, also known as mastiha, is a well-known beverage produced from mastic, a resin obtained from mastic trees on Chios Island that gives mastika its distinctive herbal-pine aftertaste.

Mastika is often consumed immediately following a meal, served ice cold, but it may also be combined with Prosecco to make a delightful aperitif.

Metaxa Mojito

Next up for you is a Metaxa Mojito. You need first to have a deeper understanding of mojito. A classic beverage from Cuba, the mojito is frequently mixed with rum, fresh mint, soda water, and lime juice.

Your Metaxa Mojito will be smoother if you include Metaxa, a Greek amber spirit. Additionally, your drink will have a floral perfume, a hint of citrus flavor, and a very little honey scent.

Ouzo Lemonade

I’m going to present you with another incredible drink created with ouzo called ouzo lemonade. Ouzo is usually a great choice for Greek cocktails.

This fantastic beverage is made by combining the most well-known Greek tastes, including ouzo, mint, honey, and lemon juice.

These Greek drinks won’t let you down with their vibrant hues and striking looks. Greek beverages have been enjoyed for millennia in this Mediterranean nation.

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