The Best Seasonal Restaurant in Malia: Thalassa Bar & Restaurant- Part 1

There are hundreds of restaurants in the center of Malia which offer you some of the best tasting and freshest food around, but very few of them will be able to match the atmosphere, quality, and range that you can find at Thalassa Bar & Restaurant. This restaurant has built up an excellent reputation in the town and they are always working hard to keep it as their #1 choice for great food and drinks in Malia. So why should you choose this restaurant out of all the others? Here are just some of the reasons why you will love Thalassa Bar & Restaurant! In addition to seafood dishes and international classics, there are plenty of traditional Greek meals available at Thalassa Bar & Restaurant as well.

Thalassa Bar & Restaurant in Malia, Crete has become the most popular restaurant in the summer, with locals and tourists alike. This little gem of a restaurant is known for its beautiful setting, delicious food, and reasonable prices. The service at Thalassa Bar & Restaurant is also worth talking about as you feel welcomed from the moment you step into this restaurant. If you’re looking to experience authentic Greek cuisine and a wonderful evening out with friends or family, then I highly recommend that you visit Thalassa Bar & Restaurant the next time you’re in Malia, Crete.

Authentic Greek Food

Overlooking picturesque views of Malia Bay, Thalassa Bar & Restaurant serves up delicious Greek cuisine made with fresh ingredients. Each plate is prepared with a combination of authentic herbs and spices that will have you coming back for more! You can even enjoy a specialty drink made from Aphrodite’s favorite fruit-the pomegranate! It has been said that those who eat at restaurants overlooking the sea or ocean feel their food tastes better and healthier than anywhere else; I think it must be true because every time I eat here; I feel light as air! If you want to enjoy all these great flavors without going out, try their famous stuffed grape leaves or moussaka for an authentic taste of Greece.

Beautiful Location

Thalassa Bar and Restaurant is one of the most beautiful and romantic restaurants there in Malia. Crete, Greece, has been the talk of the town for visiting and exploring. For anyone who doesn’t like cold weather, you should visit Thalassa during summer because it also provides nice shaded seating areas beside the sea and enjoys the waves. When it comes to location, it is the ideal place in Malia for visitors and residents to dine, drink, and enjoy a romantic atmosphere. For everyone who comes to see us, the popular views and unusual drinks make it difficult to forget. Not only that, but the extensive drink and dining menus set it apart from the rest of Malia’s establishments.

If you’re staying and visiting Malia, and you want to explore the top hidden gems in Malia, it’s important to know of places like Thalassa where you can get a delicious lunch or dinner. It might seem that having so many choices on vacation would be great, but if you’re looking for something fresh and healthy, there aren’t many options besides fruit and salads at some restaurants. Knowing where fresh food can be found will help you enjoy your meals while avoiding diabetes or heart disease from too much fast food or unhealthy choices.

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