3 Reasons Why Malia’s Local Cuisine is a Must-Try

If you want to experience the best of Malia’s local cuisine, then it’s definitely time to try out some of its finest dishes. If you aren’t familiar with Malia’s food scene, here are three reasons why you should have Malia’s local cuisine on your must-try list for your next trip!

1) Experience a taste of local culture

Traveling to unfamiliar countries can be an exciting and educational adventure, but it can also be daunting. If you’re planning on traveling abroad to Malia, read up on some of its more popular cuisines before your trip. You’ll get a feel for what to expect, and will hopefully have a few ideas about where you want to eat when you’re there. This could help make travel go more smoothly!

2) Enhance your social life

Not only will you meet more people, but that increased social interaction and integration into your new community will help you feel like you really belong. One of our favorite easy ways to meet locals? Stop by local festivals and events! They happen all over town, so there’s sure to be one happening near your apartment. Plus, for a nominal price tag (maybe just $10 or $20), you’ll get access to delicious local foods, musical performances by popular artists from around Hawaii, and lots of good old-fashioned fun. You never know what new friendships might come out of it!

3) Get introduced to new flavors

Samoa may be small, but it has every flavor profile imaginable. Try malasadas—Portuguese donuts stuffed with custard—and fried omelets at an old-school diner. Dig into spicy fresh fish caught that morning for lunch at your beachfront resort or grab some mahi (marlin) burgers from one of many fast food trucks.

To round out your trip, try malasadas from Oki Doki Doughnuts, home to people’s favorite flavors such as dark chocolate and strawberry cheesecake. You can’t go wrong with any of these destinations; just be sure to order ahead so you get exactly what you want.


Take Your Taste Buds on a Journey – Malia’s Best Cuisines: Part 1 covers three must-try cuisines when visiting Malia; an exotic taste of Asia, an authentic plate of American food, and a delightful dish that tastes just like home. The best part? These are just some of Malian’s delicious treats. Be sure to visit us again next week as we explore more local cuisine from all around the world! Did we miss your favorite dish? 
Do try these cuisines at the well-named and known restaurants when in Malia, Crete. It has unique varieties of Greek food to just amaze your taste buds. We suggest you have it from the best like Thalassa Bar & Restaurant

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